Backup solution for your Insight Assets

Back up Asset schemas and never worry again about losing the data. You can schedule automatic backups using CRON expression or do it manually.

Image of Backup solution for your Insight Assets
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Back up Asset schemas

Easily restore Asset schemas either in the same instance or another one. You can use Insight Assets Backup also for data migration to/from sandbox environment.

Select Object Types to restore

Along with the complete data restore, you can select only certain Object Types you would like to restore. This way you can easily create subsets of the schemas.

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More details

  • The first Atlassian plugin with the complete data backup and restore for Assets (formerly known as Insight):
    • Schemas
    • Object types
    • Objects
    • Object references
    • Attributes
    • References types
    • Status types
    • Object avatars
  • Use Cron expressions for backup schedule
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Store backups in Cloud and in local DB
  • Restore backup in another instance
  • Manually backup schemas