In-App Customer Portal Notifications for Jira

Expand your Customer Portal with In-app notifications

Image of expanded ribbon In-app notifications for Jira
Image of collapsed ribbon In-app notifications for Jira

In-app notifications

Start receiving your notifications directly to Customer Portal without the hassle to go through your emails. * Receive notification from Confluence with additional plugin for Confluence .

Take a glimpse of notifications

Prioritize your work by taking a quick glimpse of the notifications and avoid unnecessary interruptions

Image of inside view of ribbon In-app notifications for Jira
Image of configuration of In-app notifications for Jira

Configure notifications for the projects

Manage notifications look & feel and configure notifications settings for the projects, including events and recipients.

More details

  • In-app Customer Portal Notifications allows you to get all of Customer Portal notifications in front of your customer. Now you won’t have to search through all their emails to check for a specific event in Jira, but all they need to do is to check the notification directly in customer portal and see all events that happened in Jira and are related to them.
  • Receive system notifications directly in Customer Portal without any emails
  • Get notified instantly at any point without refreshing the browser
  • Have a quick glimpse of the notification and avoid unnecessary interruptions
  • Customize colors and match the design to your brand
  • Configure a wide list of the notification recipients, including organizations and approvers
  • Open related requests in a new tab
  • Hear sound on receiving a message
  • Mark all the notifications as read
  • See only unread notifications
  • Translation into all the languages available in Jira