Unlimited Async External Data Field for Jira

Integrated async data plus live issue filter in Customer Portal

Image of expanded ribbon In-app notifications for Jira
Image of collapsed ribbon In-app notifications for Jira

Search external data from Customer Portal

Search data from the external sources from Customer Portal during request creation

Make Visible the issues matching with the search

Present all the issues that are matching the search terms to the customers, directly into Customer Portal

Image of inside view of ribbon In-app notifications for Jira
Image of configuration of In-app notifications for Jira

Configure sources and fields in the Jira projects

Simple and flexible configuration of external data sources and custom fields in Jira projects

More details

πŸ”„ Populate Jira cloud custom fields with external data asynchronously from REST API

♾️ Connect JSON data sources with an unlimited number of results

πŸ”Ž Make issues visible for customers during request registration based on JQL filters.

πŸ“„ Create a custom filter view for Customer Portal customers to avoid issue duplication.